Friday, September 26, 2008

And Oh! By The Way

Here goes my first attempt at blogging. I thought I might begin by explaining the name of my blog site, and to explain my purpose in these daily or weekly meditations.

First I have noticed that in the ministry and in life I have often learned more "by the way," or informally than when I was in a formal setting. Most of life is informal, and that is when the most significant and meaningful things take place. Also, since I teach Bible as an adjunct instructor at the local community college, a lot of my lectures are "Oh! by the way" statements. I often share important information and points of application not found in the formal outline. And then the phrase "By The Way," is a double entendre. In New Testament times, Christians were often called "People of the way." Jesus said in John 14:6 "I am the way, the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the Father except through me." So. you see, it has a double meaning.

And that brings me to the purpose for my crafting these words, sentences, and paragraphs. I wish to give insight into truth by looking at words or phrases and seeing things that may bring a fresh approach or different application than to what we may be accustomed. Now mind you, I know there is nothing new under the sun. I know that my writings will not bring something that is a revelation only given to me, and is new to the 20th century. But as Vance Havner put it, "Some truths are so true that they have become bedridden in the dormitory of our mind." I would simply like to get some of those truths out of bed and out of the dormitory.

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Jo said...

Good start/good blog, cuz! Looking forward to more.