Thursday, April 8, 2010


I am beginning now to write about the magnificent trip we had to Israel. It was indeed the trip of a life time. But before I share daily with you all my impressions and personal experiences there is something I must address. There are really several things, but I start with the first in a long series.

By The Way, this is the "Know Spin Zone." After arrival at the Newark Airport, we had to hurry to another terminal to catch our flight to Tel Aviv. We were running close, and so we had to hurry. At first the seven of us were all running or walking very fast. I knew instinctively that someone from our group needed to be at the correct gate in order to not miss our connection. I deliberately decided that I or someone must get there the fastest way possible to HELP the others not miss their flight. So with nothing but pure selflessness in my heart and a desire to be a helpful team member I jumped on one of the many electric carts going our direction. Those of us who rode the cart got to the gate before those who walked. We accomplished our goal in CARING for the rest of the group. We felt our actions were not only justified, but under the circumstances the most noble thing we could have done.

Some how our actions were misinterpreted as being somewhat selfish instead of selfless. We were told that our taking the cart and letting the others walk was somehow an act that jeopardized the team spirit, and that we were only thinking of ourselves. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sometimes the ends do justify the means; not always, but sometimes, and this was one of those times.

Of course being the strong gentlemen we are we took the criticism with good humor and understood that those making the criticism simply did not know the facts of the case. That is why the "Know Spin Zone" was necessary.

You can see, of course, how happy the group looks after they realized that I and a few others had made the speedy trip to the gate and made sure we would not miss our flight. Pictures do not lie.



Jim said...

Yeah, right, Ray!

The "knowing" spin you put on it certainly seems to spin the plot the other way, though. If I could reverse the spin a moment, the fact was that we were concerned about you all not getting the advance exercise you'd need in doing all of the walking we did in Israel. We were REALLY concerned about you all. Of course, that's my spin! I don't really know how it will "wash" with everybody else. (Did you get it? Spin/wash?)


Ray Edwards said...


Angie said...

With all the "spinning" and "washing" you guys are doing, I'm feeling put through the "wringer"!

Thank you, thank you very much!

Love you Paddy!!