Wednesday, December 5, 2012


The word for this fifth day of Advent is "room."

Luke 2:7 And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.

There  has always been a lot of negative press concerning the "Inn Keepers" in Bethlehem.  "How dare they say there was no room for Joseph and Mary, and the birth of the Christ Child."  Please, they were only telling the truth.  All the rooms in the inn were taken.  Do you know what a typical room in an inn looked like in that day?  It was one small room barely big enough to stand in.  There were no windows, and the door was a very small opening so that those entering had to stoop very low to enter.  There was straw scattered on the floor and often no furnishings.  Those staying there had to provide their own blankets and pillows. The only plus was that it offered some measure of privacy.

Then there was the stable.  Yes, it was were the animals were cared for,  but there was plenty of room.  By the way, most of us think that Mary rode on a donkey, but nowhere does the Scripture tell us so.
If Christ had been born in one of the rooms of the Inn it would certainly have made it difficult to receive the many, who came to witness that miraculous site. 

The truth is, there was room for that wonderful earth changing event to take place.  The sovereign Father had made the reservations ahead of time.  He wanted them in the stable.  And He wanted the Christ Child to be lain in a manger, where animals fed or drank water.

The problem came later, as the Scripture declares, that Christ came unto His own people and they did not receive Him.  Today as in that day, many did not want to make room in their lives for the Lord of Glory. 

You may say, "I have invited Christ into my life, I have made room for Him."  The question I would pose is this, "What place in your life does He occupy?"  He wants to be more than a guest, He wants to be Host.  Christ can be present.  That is good but not good enough.  Christ might be prominent, and that is better, but still not enough.  Christ wants to be preeminent.  He wants to set on the throne of your life.  Will you give Him that kind of room this Christmas season?

What knock I hear at my heart's door?
It is a knock I've heard before
I must respond while yet there's time
For all I am 'tis His not mine               

Do you not hear his knock for you?
Make room for Him, it's yours to do
You must invite Him in today
And when He comes He's there to stay   rfe


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